Mrs. Nankuba Dorothy

Last partner of us for the projects in Uganda, she’s the wife of John Wanyu, who is graduated in Italy and friend of one of the staff members. She introduces herself as it follows: “My name is Nankuba Dorothy, I’m a female Ugandan aged 26 years old. I am a teacher by profession qualified to teach Literature in English in secondary School but currently working as a personal secretary to the Managing Director of Colline House Limited in Kampala. My experience as a teacher and my childhood experience exposed me to the pains of vulnerability. This is the basis of my love and passion to reach out and stand by those in need. In the near future I hope to launch a charity that will reach out to vulnerable girls being raised by single mothers as well as child mothers who are abandoned by their partners and also detested by their families. I love children and interacting with them makes me so happy. Singing and spreading love are my favorite hobbies.”