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About Agitu Gudeta

The brave Agitu has been murdered by a ghanese collaborator of her, like in the sicilian ancient proverb “If you do the right, you’ll be killed”. Let’s sing and pray for her good soul.

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A job for ex streetboys in Nairobi – 2020

This project involves some boys who were abandoned when they were small, so they spent a period of their childhood by the streets in Nairobi and then they have been hosted by Consolata Missionaries in “Familia ya Ufariji”. Today these boys are grown up and they have to leave the

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Masks project – April/June 2020

During the lockdown for the emergency caused by the Covid-19 virus, many italian women of the provinces of Cuneo, Torino and Milano in their houses started to stitch – for free – facial masks to limit the infection. So in June several parcels full of these masks left for Kenya, Uganda

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