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“Receive and return”: business support- 2016/2020

We propose to the ones who receive a support for their business to give back something to others who are in need in the form of products or work.

In Tanzania:

A dear friend of us, sr. Luisella, a sister of Consolata of Turin, works in Manda (Tanzania). We decided to finance her supporting people in need in that very poor place. She helps people in their daily needs: some old people have a plot to be cultivated but they can’t do it manually, so she pays someone with his tractor and plow to farm it; some children can’t pay school fees and some women have a brilliant idea of a small business, skills, talents, but no money so she can finance them. It’s very difficult to communicate with sr. Luisella because in that place there is no Internet connection, so we’ll have some news and updates about this project maybe in some months, through an e-mail if she goes to the nearest big city or through a handwritten letter.


In February 2016 and in spring 2017 we received from sr. Luisella handwritten letters, that you can see in the Italian version of this Website: she wrote us that she had received our financing and that all of it will be spent to do something useful!

In 2018 we sent her a fund of 1250 euros for farmers in need and to buy sewing machines for girls who have finished the Tailors Training School and have to start a business on their own.

In Kenya:

  • In February 2020 we gave a small fund of 100 euros to a young man in need to finish to build his home, for his family and his old mother. Here below we attach his house picture, during work in progress.

  • In August 2020 we decided to finance the reopen of the business of selling of second-hand shoes of another young man in need, with health problems, who had to close his stall at the market place because of lockdown caused by the sanitary emergency of Covid-19. We sent him a fund of 200 euros, divided in two tranches, after a brief report and the return of the symbolic amount of 1000 Kenyan shillings (about 8 euros), used again to finance our projects.

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