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Women victims of poverty and taboo

In many african countries girls suffer because of taboos about menstruation period, the ones of them who are in need don’t have the possibility to buy sanitary pads, so they don’t go to school and some of them are cheated by men: they give them sanitary pads in exchange for

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About Agitu Gudeta

The brave Agitu has been murdered by a ghanese collaborator of her, like in the sicilian ancient proverb “If you do the right, you’ll be killed”. Let’s sing and pray for her good soul.

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Merry Christmas from Uganda

Eno Christmas Lero lunaku lukulu anti azalidwa omulokozi. Tugolole, tunabe, twambale (Today is a special day because the savior is born. Let’s iron, bath, dress up) tusinze omutonzi, nenyimba enunji okugeza nga luno {Nga luno}(and praise the Lord, with beautiful songs lie this one {this one}) Gloooooooria glooooooooooo….. Glory be

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