“Chickens and rabbits” project

Lucy Nderitu WaweruIf you go to visit Murang’a College Primary School in Makuyu, with about 600 students, you could meet a mum who carries a chicken in the school henhouse or the man who looks after the chickens. Headmistress Mrs Lucy Waweru had been at a workshop in Israel about ecosustainability  and self-reliance and immediately decided to try to lead a concrete project in her school, involving everybody: teachers, students and families. Our Association decided to support them.

IMG_0226        IMG_0229

Above you can see the pictures of the henhouse, taken during the visit of Association members Elio and Caterina in January 2016.

IMG_0233 Mrs Lucy Waweru in her office at school

Lucy and colleagues Mrs Lucy Waweru and some of her colleagues who help to organize the project.

Read the entire project in the attached file:

Chickens and rabbits project

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